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All of the websites below are from third parties.  We can not be responsible for any information obtained from them.  If you do come across any problems, please let us know.

Travel Advice

Foreign Office Travel Advice

US government travel advice: for a second opinion

Health & Vaccination Advice

Information on Individual Countries: Political, Geographical, Economic etc.

BBC Country Profiles

What the CIA thinks. Or at least what it wants you to think it thinks...


Worldwide climate information  starts in °F, but can be changed to °C

Current weather

Currency Information

Exchange rates


Foreign Office Advice on driving abroad

AA advice on driving abroad for individual countries

AA again for countries where UK licence holders need an International Driving Permit and if so, how to apply for an IDP.  Some of the countries on the list are quite surprising.

Here is a brilliant site for Roadworks in England.  Unfortunately it doesn't cover Scotland, Wales or N. Ireland (although it does seem to cover sme major routes) and it doesn't cover 100% of England, but where it does, it seems to be very good.

Electrical Adapters

Brilliant website for all things electrical for the traveller, including adapters, voltages and frequencies: travel adapters.  Unfortunately it is an American website, so the adapters cannot be used directly, but there is a photograph of the various plug types available.  There is also information on telephone adapters

International Size Chart

For those of you who want to do some clothes shopping, here is a conversion chart


Often one of the biggest questions on holiday is how much to tip.  Here are some suggestions:

BBC: International Tipping Etiquette

From Condé Nast Traveller: Worldwide Tipping Guide

Travelling with Pets

A Guide to Good Petiquette, dogs mostly

More information on taking pets abroard: website on taking your pet abroard

& finally

Miscellaneous Links

Travel & Tourism Directory - UK directory of travel companies and tourism websites.


If you have anymore suggestions for links that might be useful to other travellers, please let us know.